Monday, April 16, 2007

Adventures with Laney

Sophie spends every weekday with her nanny, Nini, and her Laney-friend. Next year, Sophie's going to school (not sure where yet, but "school" it is, because Momma has to go back to work fulltime). We're excited about the social interactions, the "curriculum" for two-year-olds, the increased opportunity for language development, the construction paper artwork that will be coming home to decorate our fridge, and so on. But the closer it gets, the sadder I am about Sophie not spending every day with Nini, who loves her, and Laney, who is her twin-friend. This is the best scenario I could have imagined for her, and I'm a bit panicky about change of any kind.

Laney and Sophie have sooo much fun (and they fight, too, especially on Mondays when they've spent the weekend NOT sharing toys with anyone). Here are some pics and videos of some of their adventures.

Click on the picture below to see our trip to the zoo:

Click on the link below to see their first adventure with Play-doh:

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