Friday, May 4, 2007

Garage Sale Mania

Our neighborhood hosts two garage sale weekends a year. I am always torn about whether to clean out the garage and make some cash OR to go hit up all the sales and fill our garage with more junk. I finally decided that I was going to pull out two pieces of furniture that we had in the garage and see if anyone driving by would make an offer. But to GET to those two pieces of furniture, it turned out that I had to drag a whole bunch of crapola out into the driveway. Frank added a couple of guitars (don't worry -- he still has ten), and the result of our spring cleaning? $900, baby! We have some free airline tickets to Mexico this summer, and that just paid for our hotel in Playa del Carmen (and a really big margarita). Bonus, we are really, really close to being able to park a car in the garage again.

While we were cleaning out the garage, we ran across this antique car (found in an abandoned farmhouse on land near my grandmother's place). We thought we would clean it up and repaint it -- maybe for the next kid. Instead, Frank attached a leash and entertained Sophie for a while:

When things hit a lull on Saturday, Sophie and I headed out to see what was left at the sales and bought ALL of these dollhouses for just $30. I only wanted one because she was playing with the little schoolhouse and bus and I thought that was cute, but they wanted $8 for one house or $30 for all. Who could pass that up? We're going to share them with Laney and Lucy, because NO little girl needs NINE dollhouses:

Sophie also got this cute doctor's kit for FREE. (Because it was actually in our garage with some school props and we didn't know it.)

The best "find" of the weekend was on Sunday, when we were driving around after church trying to get Sophie to fall asleep. Only a few stragglers were still selling, and they were all willing to drop their prices to get rid of the stuff. Frank found this great bike buggy, quite the step up from hauling Sophie with a leash. He took Sophie and CreepyBaby on the maiden voyage Sunday afternoon:

Maggie found adorable matching bike helmets for the girls, and every day this week Frank has come home, loaded up the munchkins, and gone on a ride around the neighborhood. Now they never want to take the helmets off:

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Melanie & Adam said...

Sophie looks like she has a cute bob haircut in that photo with CB.