Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beach Getaway

We're back from our annual "Ditchdirt" beach weekend in Port Aransas. We had a fantastic time with all our friends -- stayed at the Sea Parrot this time, which we loved -- this Pisces Momma is counting the days until we can return to the ocean.

Jameson loved the feel of the sand under his toes and took a few good naps listening to the "real deal" ocean soundtrack. (And I lost my sunglasses so I had to borrow this lovely heart-shaped number from Sophie's dress-up box.)
Jameson was sporting a nice beach look, too.
The little girls were fantastic -- due in large part to Maggie's brilliant "team of friends" chart and accompanying treasure chest. Every time the girls were "caught being good" we added a sticker to the poster and after they earned 10 stickers as a team, they all got some booty from the treasure chest. The power of stickers, headbands, and stamps is truly amazing.
The little boys hung out in their Bumbos together and played footsie.
The big boys stayed up late and played Rock Band.

More pics coming soon!

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Frank said...

I'm making a silly face. But I think Jason is full-on serious.