Friday, July 17, 2009

Why We're Not Vegetarians

We tried a new place for lunch today -- Bonzai on Lamar. Ate bento boxes and drank bubble tea and shared a couple of sushi rolls. Sophie found something interesting in her miso soup.

Sophie: Oh! There's some cheese in here!
Me: That's called tofu. Try it, it's good.
She slurps for a while.
Sophie: Hey! I found some more toe-cheese in here!

And, sidenote, I had a little epiphany about globalization and the experiences our kids have that we did not. Frank and I talked about how we NEVER ate anything all that international growing up. The Websters do love the Japanese Steakhouse, but that's not exactly Japanese, is it? Sophie eats sushi and tabouli and edamame and hummus on a fairly regular basis. I remember taking my mom to this Greek food place a few years ago, and she proclaimed it interesting. Until she said that, it hadn't even occurred to me that I was taking her out of her comfort zone. This generation's comfort zone casts a wider net, I think. Interesting.


Free Wilma said...

It should be noted that Frank DID have some "international" food awareness as a child. We got to eat quite a bit of "Mexican" food as children; particularly the classic interior Mexican favorite "Rotel and Velveeta" dip. Of course, it could be considered a French food as well because our mom would refer to it as cheese fondue when entertaining. But living in West Virginia, this was incredibly international.

We occasionally had such crazy things as Tabbouleh, french dip sandwiches, stir fry, the hot oil kind of fondue and a flambeed dessert for something REALLY special.

Stacy said...

Thanks for the clarification. Remind me...what's the global origin of cheese and marshmallow toast? Scandinavian or something?

I forget that Mexican food is adventurous, with my San Antonio heritage and all. I should also give my dad some credit. He took us to oyster festivals and I tried calamari a few times. And I can't forget the 1986 Capers. Literally. Capers on chicken, capers in pasta, capers on sandwiches. That's pretty fancy!