Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pageant Babies

At our Christmas Eve church service, kids dress up as any nativity character (or animal) that strikes their fancy -- some years we have three Mary's and nine Joseph's and thirteen wise guys. You know, whoever shows up. And at the end, all of the babies get plopped on the stage, too. Sophie was an angel for the third year in a row. Jameson was a shepherd (but Sophie and Laney herded him in and out of the manger). The Stephenses joined us and I wish I had pictures from the church -- Laney was a gorgeous pink and purple fairy angel. Jameson said UH-OH! really loudly when his headpiece fell off. Sophie smashed it back on his head, he pulled off, she put it back, he pulled it off, then a wise man shushed them. It was AWESOME. I took a few pics when we got home:

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