Saturday, August 14, 2010

What We Did During Summer Vacation, Part 1

You would think that since Frank and I were both "off" this summer, there would have been a steady stream of witty, thought-provoking, zany blog tales of parenting the littles. Sorry...we were at the pool. Or on vacation. Or cruisin' in the new swagger wagon. Or cowering inside our house, right next to the air conditioning vents. But here's a recap of some of our summer fun.

In June, we went to the BEACH!

We shared a big beach house with great friends:

Sophie was a little fish, as usual. She would swim across the gulf, if we didn't stop her:

Jameson loved the beach, too. What a heartbreaker!

To see more pics from the beach (including really cute shots of Lucy, Milo, Laney, Solly, and Josie!), click on the link below:


Or copy this into a new window:

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Debra Windham said...

Heartbreaker is right! So sweet! :)