Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Subtitle: Two, Whee, Six, Eight...Who Do We Appreciate?

This is our mind-blowing conversation as we were driving home last night:

Momma: We're almost home, Sophie! I'll count to ten and we'll be there. One....
Sophie: Twoooooooo
Momma: Threeeeeee
Sophie: Wheeeeee!
Momma: Four. Five.
Sophie: Ssssssss
Momma: Six. Seven.
Sophie: Eight. (Frank and Stacy stare at each other in shock-n-awe.)
Momma: Nine. Ten.
Sophie claps.

But maybe saying eight was a fluke. Maybe dumb luck. So we counted AGAIN and she said six and eight in the right places! (And "two" and "wheee," but she's been doing that for a while.)

She's a mathematical genius. But she didn't get it from me. Or Frank, for that matter. Nini, have you been working on algebra with the babies again?


Frank said...

And today she played hide-and-seek for the first time. A riot. We gave lots of clues (like shouting her name to guide her to us), and each time she found us she would shout "more more more!" Good times on a rainy spring break.


Melanie said...

Um, we have moved on to calculus, which I am using to build their analyic geometry. They seem to enjoy it.

Amanda said...

Wow, girl! I was totally impressed that you would say the two in one, two, three. Now I'm just amazed.

Laura said...

Clearly she gets it from me. Everyone KNOWS I'm an idiot savant when it come to counting to 10!