Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Legend of Redbeard

I don't think it started off as a protest -- just busy with grading and holidays and a two year old. But then people started making comments (especially me), and it turned into a challenge. He said he loved it. He said he wanted it to grow to his belly button. He said it was a war protest -- he wasn't shaving until the troops came home. "You think this war is long? Wait 'til you see my beard!"

He said that Sophie liked it, because it was softer. And that was true:

But then Will Shoaf's annual "Creepy Mustache Party" rolled around, and presented Frank with the perfect opportunity for a creepy shave.

Really, really creepy. But Sophie still loved it:

He did shave the next day. I know I should have hidden the clippers so that he had to go to church looking like this, but to be honest, I was too happy to see it go.

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questforgold said...

Frank, you are a dork.

I love you.