Monday, January 21, 2008


I've been a craptastic blogger as of late. There's no good reason for it -- we have Christmas pics to post, we've got TONS of new pics taken with our new camera that I need to post (17 versions of Sophie featuring all the different flash angles and options) -- I've really got no excuse except to say that I have been extremely close to my couch these past few weeks. I'm in the second trimester now and a lot of pregnancy-related annoyances are lessening, but for some reason I am still exhausted. Maybe I'll hit that nesting/energy boost stage any day and I'll catch up on all the pic posting.

Until then, here are some cute things you should know about Sophie:
She says "lissors" instead of scissors.
She says "leddow" instead of yellow. Something that is little AND yellow is very hard to deciper.
She wanted a baby sister until she found out that Laney is getting a she says she wants a "Liddow Bruuuuddder" and that we should name him Jesus.
She goes back and forth between being a big girl (demanding a big girl cup with no lid, saying "I do it by myself!" when it's time to click her seatbelt) and then reminding me that she's my "liddow baby" and sucking on a pacifier that we found when we moved her crib out of her room.
She made up a song about roast beef and sings it all the time -- it has very low parts followed by very high trilling accompanied by twirling. Neither Frank nor I can remember ever mentioning the phrase "roast beef" to Sophie before. But she's got a song on her heart and she bellows it out.

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Maggie said...

Well shoot. Jesus was our name, too. And it's a smart child who knows her meats early. I've read that that's a sign of genius.