Monday, January 28, 2008

What Happens When You're Not Looking

Nope. This is not a pack-n-play for the new baby. This is not our new time out spot. ( that I think about it...) We've been daytime doggie-sitting for some friends who have their house on the market, and Sophie is FASCINATED by the new doggies and their crate. She also watches her own dog, Callie, carry around her bowl Snoopy-style. So, when it had been too quiet for too long yesterday afternoon, I walked into the study to find THIS. A caged baby. For those germaphobes out there, the dog bowl is actually the metal sink from Sophie's kitchen. Not that she's above sucking on Callie's bowl (and not that I would have rushed to remove the dog bowl before rushing to grab the camera) -- she probably couldn't wrestle the real water dish away from the dog.

More gruel, please, sir?


Maggie said...

OMG, so funny. Thank you for explaining about the bowl. - Maggie, resident germphobe

questforgold said...

Haaaaaa. Love it.


Amanda said...

I so needed this laugh!!