Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Sisters!

Sophie and Laney went to a BIG SISTER class yesterday at Maggie's doc's office. It was super cute and they had sooo much fun. (It was technically called sibling class, but Sophie doesn't know that word yet. There were a couple little boys in there getting ready to be big brothers, too. The one who brought a stuffed horse as his "baby" had a bit of difficulty with the diapering lesson.)

Sophie and Laney sat right up front and listened very carefully to Nurse Blair's lesson (which started with Mom's disappearing lap and touched on belly buttons, soft spots, crying babies, and frequent handwashing).
The kids practiced putting on diapers, and Sophie was a pro!

See Baby Tom's fresh diaper and brand new hospital hat?
After a tour of the hospital and nursery, the girls tore into their Big Sister Survivor Packs, which included lolipops, stickers, visors, and extra practice diapers.

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