Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Funny Things I Wish She Hadn't Said

But she did...

While watching me put on make-up, Sophie said: Oooh! I want some of that!
Momma: This is for covering up wrinkles. You don't have any wrinkles yet.
Sophie: No. But you do.
Momma: (sigh) Yep.
Sophie: You gots some on your legs, too.
Momma: (whimper)

Weak-of-stomach, stop reading here. This is the potty post:

While flushing little turds down the potty, Sophie said: They're going to be with their Momma. Bye, poops! Have fun with your Momma!

While flushing a not-so-little turd down the potty, Sophie said: The big ones are not good to eat. (No, I did not take the opportunity to de-classify all turds as edible...I just grabbed onto the bathroom counter and tried not to gag too loudly.)

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