Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Splash

I'm way behind on posting these pics -- such is life with a newborn and a toddler in the house! We've managed to make it out of the house quite a bit, though, and the kids are enjoying water works to beat the heat of summer. Sophie and Laney splashed around in the "fountain" at the Wednesday Farmer's Market.

Click on Summer Splash to see more great pictures of fountain frolicking.

Jameson isn't quite ready for fountains or swimming, but we finally pulled the baby bathtub down from the attic so he has graduated from spongebaths to "real" baths! Here are the obligatory FIRST BATH PHOTOS:

A well-placed toe protects his privacy (for the moment -- I'm sure we'll embarrass him non-stop someday.) Wet = cold. And cold = MAD.
Ooh...rolling onto my belly makes me happier. Who's that cute kid in the mirror?
Little Fuzzy in his too-big fuzzy robe -- life is good when you're clean (and dry and warm).


Diane Donaho said...

I love reading your posts on this blog, and the pictures are wonderful. I am reliving Kate's babyhood. I read daily.

Lucy's Granny

Stacy said...

Hooray! It's nice to know we're building up our readership. And I read Kate's blog daily to learn all about Lucy, because it's MUCH more entertaining and educational than all the published parenting books I've seen!