Monday, July 7, 2008

A Little Slice of This American Life

How we spent the Fourth of July:

The morning involved face paint, ribbons, a $10 bubble machine from Target (great purchase!), and a neighborhood parade. Laney, Solomon, and Magpie came over for the parade -- I think Lane was a little disappointed because I had promised her a firetruck and it never showed. Still, we enjoyed watching the kids, bikes, and puppy dogs stroll through our wall of bubbles (our house is on the parade route), and we joined in the parade for a few blocks, too.

After naptime, we headed over to Debbie's house to celebrate Kate's (and America's) birthday. We saw lots of friends, even MORE dogs, and ate birthday cake with three different pies on the side. Sophie was very brave and held her own sparkler this year! She was a little more nervous during Adam's fireworks show, but enjoyed the cheering and/or booing that followed each pyrotechnic attempt.

We left the party right as the fireworks were going off downtown, and happened to be on Congress Street Bridge during the display. Sophie wanted the windows rolled down and kept yelling "KaBAM...KaBOOM!" Meanwhile, I was wedged in between the infant seat and the toddler car seat with my thumb stuck in Jameson's mouth to keep him from screaming too loudly. He's been a bit hungry/starving/INSATIABLE these last couple of days. Must be growing...

Click on the link below to see our photo page for the 4th:


Elisa (Adam's little sister) said...

Long time voyeur, first time commenter. Adam has always had a love of fire. Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Lauren W said...

That top pic of Sophie is gorgeous. And I can't wait to squeeze little J. And Happy Late Anniversary to you.