Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Note from School

It's been a tough week for me -- dropping off my tiny baby with people I barely know so I can spend my days with OTHER people's children. (Big, sometimes smelly, often surly children who may or may not want to know more about world literature.) But after one week of "school," Jameson is fine. More than fine -- thriving! Winning the hearts of the masses! Here's his first weekly report card from his teacher:

"Jameson has literally stolen all of our hearts. He is the sweetest little guy and seems to be adjusting really well. He's been giving us some sweet smiles and loves watching our faces while we sing and talk. When I was wearing him the other day, he leaned back to look up at me when I was talking! He seems really content and peaceful and we are quite smitten with him. :) Have a great weekend!"

There are still moments when I want to quit my job and run away from all this "work" business so I can spend my entire waking life staring at my gorgeous children (but we'd be living in a van down by the river). And there are moments, like this one -- knowing that his teachers love him, when I feel a little bit better.


Amanda said...

What a cool school he's at! They must really give the kids lots of attention and love -- I was impressed that she was wearing him.

CN said...

I feel for you, Stacy. He is the sweetest little guy in the world, though.