Thursday, August 14, 2008

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

Great band name. Almost as good as "Optional Illusion" which my friend Tedward coined this week, when he wasn't even trying.

Tonight we went to Parent Orientation at Sophie's new school. A Montessori school. I only stress the Montessori part because I'm trying to figure out this place and the kids' names on the coat-hooks really cracked me up. Oh, we have the expected Aidan, Ayden, and Caiden (one of those is a girl, not sure which one). But check out some of the other, classmates: Ezra, Soren, Berkely, Beck, Zara, Gerrit, Ellis, Arden, and (drumroll please) SPARTACUS! There's also a Jack and an Annie, thank the Lord.

The collected parents seemed, well, normal. Not too hippified or too South Austiny and certainly not overly preppy or posh. I did spot one Lactivist bumper sticker (the breast is the best!) in the parking lot, but I was the only woman who whipped out a boob (we had Jameson with's not my new handshake). Just creative, I spose. But if the kids tease Sophie about her name, I guess we'll have to nickname her Cruxis or Claudius or Nero or something. Maybe we'll elongate and call her Sophocles.

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Amanda said...

Ever seen the episode of "A Baby Story" in which they name their poor newborn Achielles? Best part? His dad was an amputee.

I'm interested in the Montessori part though.. Could you follow-up with how she likes it?