Friday, December 1, 2006

Happy Barfsgiving OR The Plague Hits Austin

This was the calm before the storm. About 20 minutes after this sweet shot of our critters snoozing on the ride up to the farm in Weatherford, Sophie vomited all over herself, the car seat, and me. And as I count my blessings, I am thankful for travel wipes, truckstops that are open even on Thanksgiving Day, removeable car seat covers, a husband that isn't afraid of vomit, and a kid that waited over 15 months to introduce her newbie parents to babybarf. At first I thought she was just car sick or that the milk she was drinking had gone bad. She was smiling and happy right after she got sick, and we thought that it was all over.

Until Saturday night. Then I started vomiting. And on Monday night, Laney's parents were cussing out "Typhoid Stacy" as they cleaned up after Laney. Then it took down our Nanny, Nini. And her husband. And as bad as this all is (and despite all the Clorox wipes I've gone through wiping down our entire house), this is STILL a success story. I don't know if I should attribute it to breastfeeding or the postponing of daycare or the fact that we let her eat dirt now and then to build up her immune system, but Sophie is one healthy kid! Let's hope her Dad has the same luck avoiding this plague...

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