Sunday, December 24, 2006

An Ode to My Laney Friend

Laney and Sophie go to the park with Nini. Laney and Sophie share noodles. Laney and Sophie sit on Father Time's lap when their parents force them to.
We're embarking on two weeks without Laney and it is so, so, sad. Sophie keeps looking around for her Laney friend and her Nini (Melanie).
This week, after looking into a couple of daycare situations for next year, Frank, Maggie, and I had to go have a drink. Or three. One place seemed perfect at first, but the director was CRAZ-O! and told us that she still had accidents and launched into a rant about how pull-ups are all a marketing scam. Methinks she should look into them.
The other place we're looking at is called "Lord of the Flies for Babies" (according to Nancy, anyway) because the place is a bit...ummm...Austinstyle. Clarification: South Austin -- even better! I second-hand quote, "Those damn hippies let the kids crap in a corner." And if you look on their website, there are a bunch of kids with savage-looking face paint creating art with recycled materials because it's good for their spirits. Sigh.

I know that Sophie needs to get out of the house and interact with others. I know that she'll be ready, at two, for some kind of "curriculum," but the best place, the most loving place, the safest place -- is right here at home with Laney and Nini (and boring Mom and Dad). Like rocking her to sleep and listening to her sweet babble noises, I kind of wish it could last forever.
But don't worry. Frank and I don't believe in homeschool. We'll shove her right into the system when the time comes.

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