Saturday, December 30, 2006

West By God Virginia

Mountain Momma (and Poppa and Baby):

We're still vacationing in West Virginia (this is where Frank's peeps are from), and it is soooo relaxing. We've eaten great meals, played Mexican Train Dominoes, gone to a movie without shelling out an extra $40 for a babysitter (thanks, Granddad and Mamaw), eaten more great food, shopped at Gabriel Brothers for shirts that have one sleeve slightly longer than the other, but they only cost $2.99!, taken pictures of the deer that come into the neighbor's yard for corn each afternoon, and done all the traditional gift-giving, football-game watching, and meal eating -- do you detect a theme? -- that occurs at Christmas time.
Both of Frank's siblings (Robert and Laura) are fantastic photographers with "phelomenal" (Rob taught me that word) cameras, so we've also had a few Sophie photo shoots. These are just a few pics taken in the woods behind the Webster house (and one of Sophie in the front yard navigating the hills of West Virginia -- a bit steeper than the hills of Central Texas). We'll be home soon and I'll post more of the Christmas pics!

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