Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

(A little belated, but...) HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to Frank, Pa-pa, Granddad, Grandpa Jo and all the other great father figures in our lives (Grandpa Jud, Willie Nelson, Brian Hudson, etc.). I cannot begin to describe what a wonderful dad Frank is. He does SO much (such a modern Dad!) and never gritches or groans about it. I love you, Frank, for taking Sophie on early morning bike rides so I can sleep in, for being willing to change even the nastiest of diapers, for all your silly voices during story time, for every little thing you do.

This Father's Day, we drove out to the Funky Cold (Lake) Medina and spent some time with Pa-pa and Lupita -- my Dad was trying to get Sophie to call her Pi-pi...pronounced peepee, but she's up for the multisyllabic challenge. Today she said "Lulipa." We had a great time playing at the lake and eating the famous Allen roast!

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