Friday, June 1, 2007

Things I Don't Want to Forget

Sophie's vocab is growing exponentially each day. She repeats almost anything, even if the comprehension isn't there (like "Snickerdoodle" or "mango sorbet" or "James Brown says Hey!") and I see her grasping more concepts each day, too. Like today, when I turned off a video that she was watching (Veggie Tales) and she made the signs for "more" and "veggies" as she spoke the words. We've only made the vegetable sign a few times, and always in the context of eating. Many of her words have a toddler twang to them, and while I try to repeat the word with correct pronunciation, I secretly LOVE her Sophie-isms. Here are some things I hope I never forget:

She says "flowber" instead of flower.
She says "eyebrown" instead of eyebrow.
She calls my uncle "Bug Juice" instead of "Jud Bruce."
She doesn't know who the Curious George character is, so she points to the image on her band-aid and says, "Boo boo monkey."
She also points to the freckles on my shoulders, pronounces them boo-boos, and then kisses them. I've never been so glad to have so many freckles.


Nini said...

Flowber is my favorite Sophie-ism.

cousin Madi said...

Uncle Bug Juice?
Well, as long as I am not cousin marmalade