Monday, July 2, 2007


Well, we took our first "sans Sophie" vacation this summer -- just a three night jaunt to Playa del Carmen, Mexico -- but it was only the second time I had ever spent the night away from Sophie and the first time that we had BOTH left her overnight. She did great, of course. Nini stayed with her at our house for two nights and then she spent the night with Laneyfriend on Saturday. All reports indicate that she hardly noticed we were gone, but I have noticed an increase in long, fierce hugs since we've returned.

Our photos from Meheeeco aren't that great because we spent most of our time relaxing and saying, "'s naptime and we don't have to leave the beach and go inside!" or "Hey, it's 10 o'clock at night and we're eating dinner out!" But there was a little bit of documentation. You can see it if you go to or click on PLAYA PICS. We don't have any pictures of our two favorite adventures -- swimming in an underground river and snorkeling for hours. It was so peaceful.

We also spent a few hours away from our hotel pool (and bar), shopping in Playa del Carmen for Sophie souvenirs. We brought back marionettes, flutes, wooden bobble-head animals, a doll, and a pretty dress. See below:

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