Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sophie's First Snip

I've been putting off a haircut for the girl because:
1) I want Sophie's pretty blonde hair to grow out and look natural and
2) it hasn't really grown out very long, so why cut it yet? and
3) there is some weird Samson mystique to toddler hair. Like...God created this little being and he thought she would look great with muppet bangs, so why mess with his vision?

But that's precisely why I finally broke down and took Sophie for her first haircut. It was messing with her vision. And it wasn't really a cut...just a snip. In fact, I think the stylist was annoyed with me for wasting her time. And apparently "wispy" is not a term widely used in kiddie salons.

Oh, and to document history correctly -- it was technically my sister-in-law Claudia who gave Sophie her first haircut. But that was a three second "wispy bang" trim (Claudia gets me) and was over before we had time to whip out the camera. So we have documentation this time.

The BEFORE shot:

The salon, complete with trainsets, toys, fun barber chairs, and Elmo rather than the standard stylist gossip:

And the AFTER shot, with ever-so-slightly shorter piggies and just a dusting of bangs:


Amanda said...

I get whispy! Very cute! Is that the Cool Cuts near my? Why didn't you stop by?

Stacy said...

Actually...there's a Cool Cuts down south now. If I ever cross the river north, I'll give you a call!