Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tea and Jam

The tea party was with Momma and Albert Cowmoo and Baby So-so (not pictured -- she's the baby that looks kind of like Sophie...she's "so-so Sophie."

The jam session was with our Laney friend. (The video quality is pretty low on this one because I had to brighten it up...just think of it as a bootlegged recording from a smoky bar and you won't mind the low quality so much.) I'm particularly fond of Laney's head-banging skills. The future girlband also wrote a song about applesauce (complete with harmonies), but I didn't capture it in its entirety and they've asked that it not be broadcast until we can tweak it in post-production.


Maggie said...

Albert Cowmoo is about the funniest thing ever. And I love the video. Hilarious. xxoxoxox

questforgold said...

Such punsters, you all are. The girlband should hit the road soon.