Thursday, October 4, 2007

Go, Sophie, Go

The girl's got wheels. The COOLEST set of wheels were unveiled at the farm. GramKat found a little silver truck (Sophie calls it "Sophie's Little Daddy's Truck") that you actually drive like a car. As in, "put the pedal to the metal" and "eat my dust." Cow took the maiden voyage:

So many errands, so little time. Hang on, Cowmoo -- we don't want you to get whiplash!

Sometimes you have to take a pit stop and smell the roses. Sometimes you just run into them because you're driving without hands.

"What? I didn't cut you off; you cut ME off, bozo!!" (Sophie experiences her first road rage.)

And here's the insane Grandma who bought Sophie her first car. They both look pretty pleased with themselves, don't they?

As we were driving back to Austin, Frank and I started a tally of Webster vehicles:

Frank: one rattly pick-up truck and one sand-encrusted, rusty bike with missing seat cover

Stacy: one Honda littered with goldfish crackers and reeking of sour milk; one bicyle with no gears and squeaky brakes

Sophie: one jogging stroller, one Graco stroller, one umbrella stroller, one bike buggy, one wooden sit-upon car, one plastic Cozy-Coupe car, two tricycles, and one silver pick-up truck with much better alignment and road noise than her Dad's. Oh, yeah...and a wagon.
So maybe we're not teaching her a good lesson about the environment. Then again, the only "vehicle" we bought for her at a store was the $9.99 umbrella stroller from Target. All her other rides were (in order): garage sale find, gift, garage sale find, used toy depot purchase, Craigslist find, used toy depot find and Grandma gift, Grandma gift, and garage sale find. We suck at emissions standards but we're great at recycling!


Kate said...

Soph's new ride is classified as an electric car. Very big with the Hollywood set.

questforgold said...

Olivia and I decided that her new hot rod looked way more fun than our car. The only concern is that no cars are sposed to be parked in the grass, ya know...

Love you all.

D and O

Laura said...

Damn. Now MY kids are going to be mad. I was mean and never got them the motorized transportation. Do you think Madi's too big to ride in Sophie's car?