Sunday, October 14, 2007

Super Shoppers

Our neighborhood hosts two garage sale weekends each year. Last spring we threw our own sale and earned a few hundred bucks. This fall we decided to re-fill our garage! Here's our booty: blue (who wants a painting project?) metal chair = FREE; basketball goal = $1; eight books for Sophie = $5; flowery shirt and sailboat dress = $1.50; Casio keyboard = $5; two large dinosaurs = 50 cents; couch for Frank's classroom = $10; wooden chair for Frank's classroom = $10; movie screen (not pictured) for Frank's classroom = FREE; blue pom-pom for Sophie = FREE...and the find of the day...the ENTIRE zoological spectrum, including the Jurassic Age.....$3 whole dollars.

All in all, it was a great day of shopping. Our Laney-friend picked up a LightBright (Lite Brite?) and the other FREE pom pom. We like to share the love.

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