Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Basket Case

Sophie loves to read. She loves to be read to, of course, but lately she also loves sitting and flipping through pages and telling the story Sophie-style. And she pretty much hits the main words from each page! She has favorite books -- like the one my grandmother gave her about an adopted baby from China because Gram thought the baby on the cover looked like Sophie (?!?) and Bark, George and No, David (incidentally, there's a Spanish version out called...No, David) and Wow, School and the very annoying pop-up book featuring Elmo. I thought it would be great for our road trip this summer but who knew the batteries would last so long?

One of her most recent literary acquisitions is the Ten Little Dinosaurs book. It's basically the "ten little monkies jumping on the bed" story, but it somehow explains the extinction of the species (or the genus?). She climbed into her toy basket in the living room and read it several times to herself.

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