Sunday, November 18, 2007

Two Thumbs (and a finger) Up (the nose)

Lucy and her folks invited Sophie (and her folks) to a movie this afternoon. It was Sophie's first adventure to the theatahhhh. And she LOVED it. Loved the popcorn, loved the big cartoons, loved sitting on Nini's lap, loved eating Jason's Reeses Pieces. I was a little worried when the lights got very dark for The Golden Compass previews -- a giant polar bear jumped onto the screen and roared -- but Sophie just yelled "Lion!" and roared back. We saw Bee Movie, a nice choice for her first film because there were no really scary parts and she likes bumblebees. Taking after her mother, Sophie did chomp down half a bag of popcorn before the movie even started. Frank was afraid she might barf so we had to hide the bag for a while. Lucy loved the movie, too -- despite her finger-up-the-nose commentary in the final picture. They both spontaneously applauded at the end. You don't get better reviews than that.


Laura said...

The sage wisdom of my brother is not unfounded. Madeline DID barf at her first movie after eating WAY too many skittles.

Amanda said...

I'm laughing wondering if the movie folks thought you were one crazy family, taking pictures in front of the popcorn machine. :-) You know, I'll do it, too, at C's first movie.

Lauren W said...

I can't read your blog. I'm too distracted by Frank's beard.