Saturday, November 10, 2007


Frank went out to listen to some music a couple nights ago so I decided to introduce Sophie to the wonders of Subway rather than cooking dinner. When we got home, I cut her tuna fish sandwich into smaller pieces, but I left my roast beef sandwich whole. Here's our dinner conversation:

Sophie: You gotta hot dog? I wanna HOT DOG!
Me: No...I just have a big sandwich. And you have a small sandwich.
Sophie (picking at sandwich): What dat? I'm eating goldfish?! Goldfish?!
Me (laughing): No, it's TUNA fish. Not goldfish.
Sophie: You're eating kitty cat sandwich.

So then we just split the Cheetohs and called it a night.


Maggie said...

Mmm...kitty cat sandwich sounds GOOD.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever feel like you just plain ol live in a parallel universe to your child?