Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You ARE a pill

Subtitle: Because I said so.
Sub-sub-title: Oh, Pickles!

A few quick Sophie-stories for ya...

Lately, she likes to pretend like she is sick. (I was sick for a couple of weeks with a sinus infection, and I think all my couch-lounging and whining set a bad example for her.) Anywho, she demands a pill when she's sick. Since we don't want to over-dose on Flinstone's vitamins, we've started giving her mini-marshmallows as "pills." She's fighting an addiction, now. At least three pills a day. We may have to stage an intervention soon.

And the word of the day is... WHY?!? She has asked this question before, but never with the frequency and ferocity that started this weekend. Oh yeah...Frank was out of town this weekend. So our entire weekend went something like this: Me: Time to take a bath. Sophie: Why? Me: Because you're dirty. Sophie: Why? Me: Because you turned your pbj into an open-faced sandwich and you have jelly on your nose. Sophie: Why? Me: Because it protrudes from your face. Sophie: Why? Me: Because you'd look funny if it went the other direction. Sophie: Why? Me: Because society has certain expectations of the way faces should look....GET IN THE BATHTUB!!!!

And one last update. Every morning she demands a granola bar and milk. Sometimes we manage to get some egg in there, or cereal, but breakfast always begins with a granola bar and milk. Today she stumbled groggily into the kitchen and said, "I want some water. And a pickle." And she ate it up, folks.


questforgold said...

ME: You all are in sooooo much trouble.

You: Why?

ME: Because I have been there.

Amanda said...

I would happen to be the (non-stalker) neighbor of Lauren Webster... and a big fan of your blog! Your little girl is precious and I enjoy reading the stories about her seeing as I have a little man of the same age (and his short stories are ENDLESS as well and equally entertaining). Keep up the good work Sophie and Sophie's Mom! Feel free to (non-stalker"ly") visit my blog too!

(and congrats on the addition.. boys are a blast...)