Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Typical Conversation with Sophie

Standing in line in the pharmacy, I realize that Sophie has been talking to me and I've been zoning out:
Sophie: Yes or no?
Momma: What?
S: Yes or no or just okay?
M: What was the first question?
S: Yes or no?
M: No, I mean before that. What am I answering?
S: Just okay?
M: Okay.

Then, loading her back into the car, I offer Sophie some Smart Puffs (a sort of popcorn-flavored cheese puff thing):
M: Want some of these Smart Puffs?
S: Fart smuffs?
M: No..Sssssssmart Puffs. Sssssuuuummmmm-mart.
S: Sure. I'll have sssssuuuuuummmm more.
S: I wanna hold that thing (indicating the whole bag of Fart Muffs).
M: You wanna hold what? (trying to get her to say Smart Puffs).
S: The wrapper. I wanna hold the wrapper.
So I hand it to her, and she looks at Albert Einstein on the bag and says:
S: Oooooh, Daddy! I'm eating these just like Daddy!

So I shove a handful of Fart Muffs in my mouth and shut up.

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Anonymous said...

This is great! Nothin' better than Fart Muffs....

Love Ya.