Monday, June 30, 2008

Kids in Tow

Fourteen years ago, I used to meet up with Jason and Kate and a handful of other friends at El Arroyo every Friday afternoon for cheap margaritas. We never really ate dinner -- just filled up on bowls of chips and salsa and hung out for hours. As the years passed, we transitioned into Sunday night dinners at the home of the only married friends I knew (Jason and Kate). We drank wine and ate delicious gourmet meals and added a few new friends (like Maggie and Adam and, oh yeah, Frank!) to the mix. Today, I still treasure the times that I can spend with these great friends -- it's more likely to be Farmer's Market on Wednesday evening with all the kids in tow, now -- and our group continues to expand, but in a generational sense.

Pictured above, I present to you THE NEXT GENERATION of "Ditchdirters" in correct age order --> Lucy, Laney, Sophie, Solomon, and Jameson. And yes, this is the BEST picture we could get of the five kids together. The other options included shut eyes, stuck-out tongues, and somebody's polka dot panties. By the way, this was Jameson's first outing and he was only five days old. Welcome to the pack, Little Django!

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Kate said...

I am honored to have known you so long.