Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here, kitty kitty. And kitty. And sheep. And shark.

We went to a community gathering at Sophie's school Friday night. Costumes were encouraged, but since Momma relied on the world wide web instead of her new sewing machine to supply the demanded princess dress, I wasn't sure we would have her costume in time. It actually DID arrive on our doorstep Friday afternoon, but rather than having the (hideously tacky) dress muddied up on the school playground before it's really Halloween, I picked up a little orange-striped, black-cat t-shirt at Target and slapped some whiskers on her face for the school gathering. She had a grand time meowing and swinging and decorating cookies (hence the green lips in the photo below):

Of course, when you shop at Target, you can't expect an award for originality. Sophie LOVED the idea that there was a "nuther kitty" on the playground and didn't even balk at the fact that the nuther one had cute ears and a tail while Sophie did not.

Sophie adores her new friend Berkeley. We ran into his family at an Obama Mamas picnic, too, and he was so sweet to Soph, grabbing her hand and leading her around. It makes me proud to see her shun the superheroes, power rangers, hulks, and pirate crowd for the warm and wooly type:

And here's a shot of my boyfriend...short, dark, and fat. Too fat to fit into his sister's first Halloween costume, in fact. Good thing his pea costume arrived in the mail this week!
Stay tuned for pictures of the PRINCESS and the PEA!


Lucy's Granny said...

I can hardly wait for the pics of the Princess and the Pea. Great post, Stacy!

Lauren W said...

I think I have a picture of someone else in that shark costume on my fridge. Oh, and your stolen baby bottle is finally on it's way back to you along with a little gift for the J-man. I was going to send Sophie a princess crown, but I didn't want to push my luck. :-)