Monday, February 5, 2007

Girls Night In

A couple of weeks ago we started a Babysitting Co-op with the Stephenses (Laney's peeps) and the Suganahos (Lucy's). We each take one Thursday of the month to "host" the girls -- and the other couples can go out and see a movie or eat dinner or just sit in their cars in our driveway and savor the silence. Whatev. Last Thursday was our first night to host, but we had it easy -- just two girls instead of three because the Stephenses "hot date" was at the gparents house and Lord knows you can't show up there without a baby.

So here's what our night looked like:

  • stroller/grocery cart derby around the living room (and minor kavetching about which beebeeee got to ride in Lucy's cart because Sophie wanted ALL her babies close to her)
  • pizza, peas, and nanners for dinner
  • dance party in the living room (Lucy got tired of dancing before Sophie, but when Frank turned on the Hokey she couldn't help but Shake It All About)
  • "Signing Time" on the tube and then a whole lot of silly faces because it was the emotions episode
  • splashing and cup-dunking at bathtime
  • Sesame Street playhouse time -- Lucy really played and Sophie sucked on Gordon's head
  • book-reading (but no skipping pages with Lucy; she'll bust you!)
  • then sweet, sweet Night Night
  • celebratory beer drinking (just Frank and me involved in this one)


Maggie said...

We missed you guys! Looking forward to next week! Whoo-hoo!

Rachel Coleman said...

I'm glad that Signing Time brought out the emotions and silly faces!

Thanks for sharing -