Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life With a Toddler -- Not for the Weak at Stomach

Dirtface: Mmmmm, plant dirt washed down with a little of Laney's milk. Anything deemed "off limits" is especially tasty to Sophie.

Nutellahead: Okay, I knew that Nutella on a cracker would be messy. I just had no idea she'd do a faceplant in it.

Chickenlips: Finally! Sophie's eating "real" food -- a little bahk bahk for dinner. And no one told her to fold her hands under her chin for the picture. What a ham. Chicken. Whatever.

And, yes, a toddler eating "real food" is just as gross as a toddler eating dirt.

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Maggie said...

I bought Laney that same flowered shirt Soph has on in the top picture! They can be twins! Chicken bone pictures are hilarious. xoxox