Thursday, August 2, 2007

Chinese Torture

They don't use water anymore, they use lead. On Elmo. Sacrilege. And the Fisher Price website doesn't tell you how to explain recalls to a toddler. Elmo's going inside an envelope! Elmo's going on vacation! Elmo won't be coming back because Elmo was trying to kill you... (this is where my speech needs tweaking).

So...if you haven't heard yet, there are 80 or so Fisher Price product lines, which translates to millions of toys, that have been recalled. You may want to check the site if you've got little ones (or a Dora collection -- weirdo). Personally, I think Dora got what was coming to her. She's always yelling, that one.

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cousin madi said...

I HATE DORA THE EXPLORER! you're right, she is always yelling. And if she tried to kill Sophie, than I real hate her. Adios Elmo!