Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ditchdirt becoms Surfsand

A decade (or more?) ago, the Ditchdirt group of friends hit the beach. We were single then -- we stacked pyramids of beer cans and got sunburned and laughed at Matthew picking up girls with his "sin o con ropa!" invite back to the hot tub.

Last weekend, Ditchdirt returned to the beach. The group has morphed somewhat (with new faces and slightly older looking faces). Many of us are married with kids, now. Instead of beer cans we stacked dominos so the kids could watch them fall. No one really got too badly burned because we're all packin' 50 spf sunblock these days. We still laughed at Matthew, but he's not into picking up girls these days. And you know what? I had a TON of fun.

And this marks the end of our summer posts, I guess. Next Wednesday, Sophie starts school (GASP). The following Monday, Frank and I head back to school, too. Summer, we hardly knowed ya. Come again soon...

Click HERE to see more pics from our beach trip: DITCHDIRTBEACHTRIP

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