Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Snowpea.

You're sleeping now. You had an amazing weekend galavanting around town with Uncle Jordan and Ashley, then you romped and played at your party this afternoon under the trees at Freddie's Place. Birthday Girl, you looked soooo sweet in your green party dress with the cute white pockets and your hot pink cowboy boots that are two sizes too big (but you refused to wear any other shoes). These past two years have been the most wonderful of my life. Even when I stop to consider my mother's diagnosis and sickness and passing -- you brought her such joy in the time that she knew you. And as for me, I didn't know I could love so much. Nana Jane wanted to give you a dollar for every year of your age, so I'm about to sneak into your room and put $2 in your piggy bank. Apparently you'll have quite a nice gifty when you turn 18 and break open the bank. We all love you so very, very much. Thanks for coming into the world!

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