Monday, August 27, 2007

Lordy, lordy, look who's...two.

What with moving classrooms and the first day of school and Sophie-school starting and the recent outbreak of kennel cough at the Webster household, I finally got some of the birthday pics posted to the main picture pages website. Click here to check them out: BIRTHDAY GIRL.

Next on my list: thank you cards mailed! (tune in to a mailbox near you.)

Some new TWO things:

She "checks for understanding" (teacherspeak) by adding "kay?" to the end of many of her sentences. "Sophie have popcorn, kay?" "Brush teeth now, kay?"

She loves watercolor, but she has a very, let's call it muted, style. She dips into color first, then into water, then onto the paper. I've showed her my way many, many times. She prefers the highway.

She requests songs each night (ABC? Bah, bah black sheep? Pig?) That last one refers to Old MacDonald, and she usually requests the animals in this order: pig, chicken, dog, cow, pig again (for sure) and then sometimes back to chicken.

For the first time ever, she looked up at me during the whole bedtime routine and said, "I go to bed now, kay?" OKAY, Sophie Grace!

She tells Callie-dog, "Go 'way, Callie" and "Knock off, Callie!" (Poor, poor dog. But don't feel too bad for her -- she's gained a lot of weight from all of Sophie's scraps.)

Food has suddenly become yucky. She used to eat sweet potatoes and peas and broccoli. Her new thing is: "Yucky. Sophie no yike it." I would blame school, but it started right before then. I can, however, blame her school for our nasty cough. Stay tuned for more gory details.

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Maggie said...

Oh my gosh, she and Laney must have learned watercoloring from the same teacher (NINI?!). Laney totally does the paint THEN the water, and, like you, I have been unable to change her method!