Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life With a Toddler -- Not for the Weak at Stomach

Dirtface: Mmmmm, plant dirt washed down with a little of Laney's milk. Anything deemed "off limits" is especially tasty to Sophie.

Nutellahead: Okay, I knew that Nutella on a cracker would be messy. I just had no idea she'd do a faceplant in it.

Chickenlips: Finally! Sophie's eating "real" food -- a little bahk bahk for dinner. And no one told her to fold her hands under her chin for the picture. What a ham. Chicken. Whatever.

And, yes, a toddler eating "real food" is just as gross as a toddler eating dirt.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Clean-up on Aisle 1

Housework is dull to many (myself included), but Sophie does it with style.

(Rockstar Sophie is wearing glasses that she put on all by herself and some Valentine bling from Nini. And yes, she may be sucking on some dogfood as she sweeps. It happens.)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

May Cause Excitability in Children

Sophie has a cold. A sneezy, hacking thing. Believe me, we've tried to document the snot bubbles coming out of her nose because they are HI-larious. To us, anyway. Sophie brought me the snot-sucker thingie and a kleenex the other day, patting herself on the chest and saying, "Goo ger" (which means "good girl"). She normally HATES the snot-sucker thingie, but she was willing to undergo the torture for some relief, and I always tell her "Good girl!" when we're done with the procedure.

Nini has been giving Sophie half a dose of Benadryl for Babies before naptime and it has worked like a charm. It dries up the nose faucet for a while and she crashes hard for her nap (she even took a 4 hour nap one day last week!), then wakes up happy as a clam, ready to play. Last night I gave Sophie a half dose before bedtime because we were up later than usual and she was a bit wired (and super snotty). She went down at 9 p.m. but talked to herself until 9:30. Then she woke up at 10:30 and 12:30, but we ignored her and she soothed herself back to sleep. At 2:30 she was awake and screaming, so I couldn't ignore it. I went in and stayed with her until 3-ish because I fell asleep in the rocking chair. We met up again around 4:10. And then she was awake...I mean WIDE AWAKE talking and giggling at 5 a.m. I took her into the guest bedroom with me, but she kicked and squirmed so we got up at 6 a.m. Frank said he went in and patted her back twice in the night, so I'm thinking that she may have actually slept for what...about 45 minutes?! Now I'm afraid of the Benadryl...but I may chug some myself so I can nap this afternoon.

Here's Sophie, helping herself to some Kleenex that was in her top drawer. Little monkey.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

The pose is not so cute (even though the subject matter is); Sophie would only sit still with the promise of some "banabana." Happy Valentine's Day, folks. Sophie loves you!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Book Club

Sophie's a reader. Her current favorites include the ABC Book, Polkadot Pigs, Barnyard Dance and the farm book. She even reads books to herself (my favorite sound right now is her falsetto babbling when she's making up stories, that...and a soft snoring noise she makes when she's just drifted off). If you ask her to read a book with you, she toddles backward into your lap. In fact, if you ask Sophie to give you a hug, half the time she turns away from you and backs up into your lap. More evidence that story time is lovin' time! Here, Daddy reads to Sophie who reads to CB (Creepy Baby):

But if you try to turn the page too soon, CB, we'll turn you into a footrest!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Girls Night In

A couple of weeks ago we started a Babysitting Co-op with the Stephenses (Laney's peeps) and the Suganahos (Lucy's). We each take one Thursday of the month to "host" the girls -- and the other couples can go out and see a movie or eat dinner or just sit in their cars in our driveway and savor the silence. Whatev. Last Thursday was our first night to host, but we had it easy -- just two girls instead of three because the Stephenses "hot date" was at the gparents house and Lord knows you can't show up there without a baby.

So here's what our night looked like:

  • stroller/grocery cart derby around the living room (and minor kavetching about which beebeeee got to ride in Lucy's cart because Sophie wanted ALL her babies close to her)
  • pizza, peas, and nanners for dinner
  • dance party in the living room (Lucy got tired of dancing before Sophie, but when Frank turned on the Hokey she couldn't help but Shake It All About)
  • "Signing Time" on the tube and then a whole lot of silly faces because it was the emotions episode
  • splashing and cup-dunking at bathtime
  • Sesame Street playhouse time -- Lucy really played and Sophie sucked on Gordon's head
  • book-reading (but no skipping pages with Lucy; she'll bust you!)
  • then sweet, sweet Night Night
  • celebratory beer drinking (just Frank and me involved in this one)