Friday, February 26, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010


So, this blogpost has nothing to do with how funny and wise Sophie is or how cute and rascally Jameson is; this is how tired and crazy Stacy is. Frank keeps a list of conversations I have with him in my sleep. Apparently I'm prepping for big things in the near future. And I think my husband, totally awake and sober, is pretty funny, too.

Stacy: What happens if there's a miracle?
Frank: What do you mean?
S: If there's a miracle. Then what?
F: I guess we shout "Hallelujah"
S: No. I mean in general.
F: Like a garden-variety miracle?
S: No, not that kind of miracle. Like what happens?
F: I guess you say "Thanks God. Good one."
S: Not like that. Like a miracle. Like a thing thing. Miracle.
F: Amen.
S: My toes need to be covered.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Golden(plated) Rule

Sophie told us this great story at dinner tonight:

"At school the other day, Rhea was singing and then Arden interrupted her and Rhea got upset and then Miss Rachel asked did anybody know the golden rule. And I raised my hand and I was the only one and Rachel said, 'Yes, Sophie?' and I knew it!"

(I was so proud at this moment, I think I even had a tear in my eye. "So, what is the golden rule, Sophie?")

"The golden rule is when you treat someone the way they treat you. So if someone is mean to you, you be mean to them."

Oh, well. She's got eye-for-an-eye down pat.