Monday, July 28, 2008

Proof of Reincarnation?

Sophie often refers to her past lives. She'll begin conversations by saying, "Remember when I flied that helicopter?" or "When I was older I did that..." or "When I used to be a doggy..." She has even referred to times when she lived with God. Oof. Pretty heavy stuff...

Today she was noticing my belly (we talked a lot about my belly and disappearing lap when I was pregnant). Here's the conversation:
Sophie: You belly going away?
Me: Slowly but surely.
Sophie: You not going to be a momma anymore?
Me: I'm always going to be a momma. I'll always be your Momma and I'll always be Jameson's Momma. But I won't be a pregnant lady anymore.
Sophie: I'm not a lady, but you are.
Me: Thanks. You'll be a grown-up lady someday.
Sophie: No, I'm an old man. You want to be an old man next time?
Me: Yeah...maybe.
Sophie: And you can blow you horn!
Then she pretended to play a trumpet and wandered away.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Clean Fun

Sophie's sand and water table has already provided hours of fun this summer. I highly recommend one if you have a toddler. Yesterday we shoveled all the sand out of one of the bins and then I filled it with shaving cream. I took her clothes off because I knew it would be a messy activity.

I didn't know that she would paint her entire body, though.

After a long time playing with the fluffy white stuff, I added a few drops of food coloring and we had a whole new color swirling activity. And she re-painted her body: Which she thought was very funny:
Clean-up time was just as fun as getting dirty:

Anything For Science

Don't call CPS if you spot me nursing Jameson and drinking a beer at the same time. I've done the research. Correction: I AM the research. Or at least a key player. Anything for science.

Tuesday night, Maggie and I took part in this clinical study for breastfeeding moms. It's for a product called Milkscreen that tests the amount of alcohol present in breastmilk. You hear all kinds of things about what nursing moms should/should not ingest. Should I avoid spicy food? (What about all those kids born in India? Don't their moms eat spicy food?) Onions and garlic? (How will he be protected against vampires?) And Americans are particularly sensitive about alcohol and pregnant/nursing women. When I was pregnant with Sophie and traveling through Europe, waiters handed me glasses of wine that I hadn't even ordered. Never thought twice about it. If I ordered a Diet Coke, though (Coca Lite, por favor), I got all kinds of weird "are you sure you can have caffeine and carcinogenic sweetener?" looks.

About nursing -- I've heard everything from "Don't breastfeed if you wouldn't drive" to "Everything you ingest goes straight into your milk so avoid alcohol altogether." I'm a middle-of-the-road girl on most things, so I've followed the advice of that most famous pediatric guru, Dr. Internet, and I usually limit myself to a glass or two of wine a night -- I drink a glass right after I nurse and hope it's not in my system a couple of hours later when I nurse again.

And that's pretty much what I learned during the clinical study. Here's what happened: we showed up, took a breathalyzer test to prove that we weren't already drunk (those scientists are so smart), then we drank, waited 30 minutes, pumped milk, took another breathalyzer test, used the Milkscreen product to test the alcohol content in the pumped milk, recorded the results, then "rinse and repeat" two more times. After the first drink (a glass of wine), my blood alchol level was at .03 or .04 (can't remember) and my milkscreen was in the safe zone (but just barely). After my second drink (a margarita), I was at .06 and milkscreen moved into the don't-feed-your-baby zone. Maggie had the same drinks that I did, but she was already at .09 -- past the legal limit. Just goes to show that everyone's metabolism is different. After another margarita, I was right at .08 -- could have been arrested if pulled over. Here's the scary part, though -- I didn't really feel impaired at all. Just a slight buzz. Maybe because we were waiting about 30 minutes in between each drink. I waited about 20 more minutes, took another breathalyzer, and was back down to .07 (you had to take an exit breathalyzer to make sure you weren't legally drunk when you left -- but they also gave everyone rides home). So, lesson learned. One drink is fine, but two is pushing it. Waiting at least half an hour can make a big difference. And friends (even the non-nursing ones)...take a cab if you have 3 or more drinks.

The funniest part was watching the other moms around me -- some held their liquor AND an interesting conversation. Others were obviously tipsy after one drink and became the entertainment. I always thought I was a cheap date, but apparently I'm just cheap. They gave us a free handheld breastpump and $100 for participating in the study. But they had me at "free booze."

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And the winner is...

Yep. He takes after his big sister!

Here's a Sophie profile:
And a Jameson profile:
A Sophie grin:
And a Jameson grin:
But we'll give an honorable mention to Monchichi, too:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cast Your Vote

Who do you think Jameson looks like?

Option 1: The Momma
I had dark hair when I was born, then it turned blonde, like Sophie's did. Then, sigh, it turned brown again and I have to pay someone for blonde highlights. I wasn't as FUZZY as our little Jameson, but I did have this crazy curl on the top of my head that my mother used to decorate with ribbons and barettes (think Pebbles Flinstone). Option 2: The Daddy
Or Uncle Rob? Not sure which one is which in these early pics:
It's easier to tell them apart in this one. (Frank's the one in the back.) ((I think.)) There's a little line below Frank's eyes that I see in both of my kids. Frank still gets that look when he's tired -- the Charlie Brown eyes, I call them.
Option 3: His big sister, Sophie. (Genes are amazing. This candidate is a shoe-in.) Here's one of her baby pics:
And here's Jameson, wearing the same outfit almost three years later:
Option 4: Monchichi, monchichi...oh so soft and cuddle-y.
Click on Comments and cast your vote!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Splash

I'm way behind on posting these pics -- such is life with a newborn and a toddler in the house! We've managed to make it out of the house quite a bit, though, and the kids are enjoying water works to beat the heat of summer. Sophie and Laney splashed around in the "fountain" at the Wednesday Farmer's Market.

Click on Summer Splash to see more great pictures of fountain frolicking.

Jameson isn't quite ready for fountains or swimming, but we finally pulled the baby bathtub down from the attic so he has graduated from spongebaths to "real" baths! Here are the obligatory FIRST BATH PHOTOS:

A well-placed toe protects his privacy (for the moment -- I'm sure we'll embarrass him non-stop someday.) Wet = cold. And cold = MAD.
Ooh...rolling onto my belly makes me happier. Who's that cute kid in the mirror?
Little Fuzzy in his too-big fuzzy robe -- life is good when you're clean (and dry and warm).

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Little Slice of This American Life

How we spent the Fourth of July:

The morning involved face paint, ribbons, a $10 bubble machine from Target (great purchase!), and a neighborhood parade. Laney, Solomon, and Magpie came over for the parade -- I think Lane was a little disappointed because I had promised her a firetruck and it never showed. Still, we enjoyed watching the kids, bikes, and puppy dogs stroll through our wall of bubbles (our house is on the parade route), and we joined in the parade for a few blocks, too.

After naptime, we headed over to Debbie's house to celebrate Kate's (and America's) birthday. We saw lots of friends, even MORE dogs, and ate birthday cake with three different pies on the side. Sophie was very brave and held her own sparkler this year! She was a little more nervous during Adam's fireworks show, but enjoyed the cheering and/or booing that followed each pyrotechnic attempt.

We left the party right as the fireworks were going off downtown, and happened to be on Congress Street Bridge during the display. Sophie wanted the windows rolled down and kept yelling "KaBAM...KaBOOM!" Meanwhile, I was wedged in between the infant seat and the toddler car seat with my thumb stuck in Jameson's mouth to keep him from screaming too loudly. He's been a bit hungry/starving/INSATIABLE these last couple of days. Must be growing...

Click on the link below to see our photo page for the 4th: