Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Funny Things I Wish She Hadn't Said

But she did...

While watching me put on make-up, Sophie said: Oooh! I want some of that!
Momma: This is for covering up wrinkles. You don't have any wrinkles yet.
Sophie: No. But you do.
Momma: (sigh) Yep.
Sophie: You gots some on your legs, too.
Momma: (whimper)

Weak-of-stomach, stop reading here. This is the potty post:

While flushing little turds down the potty, Sophie said: They're going to be with their Momma. Bye, poops! Have fun with your Momma!

While flushing a not-so-little turd down the potty, Sophie said: The big ones are not good to eat. (No, I did not take the opportunity to de-classify all turds as edible...I just grabbed onto the bathroom counter and tried not to gag too loudly.)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The New Guy's Room!

We used to call it "the blue room" -- technically a guest bedroom but used much more by that sweet Callie dog. She liked to sleep in the Lazyboy chair during the day so she could look out the window. And this was Frank's napping spot on Sunday afternoons -- it was a very comfy bed. We plan on having a guestroom again in about sixteen years.

It housed a bunch of books...
...and some family heirloom furniture.

But all that furniture has been moved to new spots in the house (or the attic or the garage). We only kept the blue walls as a "blank canvas."

And now...the NEW GUY'S room! Bear with me while I tell you about all my nesting treasures. (It's the Lively Family Way -- we're garage sale people and proud of it.)

So! The daybed is my solution to keeping a guestroom available. It's got a trundle bed underneath so when we've got grandparents spending the night, it can pop out and turn into a king-size bed. Found it on Ebay for half the price of another bed I almost bought! The green shelf used to be brown (see the first guest bedroom shot), and the lamp is a $7 garage sale find. Daybed pillows, bedding, and white wall shelves are all from IKEA. Gotta love the Scandinavians.

This picture shows off my Craigslist finds. The upholstered chair and ottoman were about a third the price of what we would have paid for a new chair (no ottoman included). I bought a matching dresser, twin-sized headboard, and a corner table -- all this cool 1960's design with sliders that you can take out and paint different colors -- all for $150. Of course, all we're using right now is the dresser, but we've got the headboard and table in the attic for later (when Sophie has graduated from her toddler bed to the daybed and when the little guy graduates from his crib to a twin bed). This picture is also my PROJECT PIC, because I had to prime and paint the dresser and paint all the different mirrors hanging above. Nesting!

This is Sophie's crib...just got some new polka-dot bedding from Target. I didn't want to go with a "theme" baby room, but the dots looked cute with the planet mobile. I ordered an extra curtain that matches that I'm going to turn in to some cushion covers for the daybed. I'm not really skilled on my sewing machine yet, but I'm going to give it a shot! The shelf is a Target find, too.

The pic above is just a cozy pic of the reading corner. The pic below is the "toy box" system we got at Ikea. Sophie was happy to model how the buckets slide out like drawers.

So the room is ready. We have purposely left the infant car seat up in the attic -- as soon as we install that bad boy, the baby boy might think it's time to arrive. (This is scientifically proven -- Sophie arrived two days after we installed her carseat.) And the boy has about three more weeks to cook!

Monday, May 19, 2008

An Open Letter to Callie

I'm sorry. And thank you.

I'm sorry that she wants to kiss you when you're trying to take a nap. I'm sorry that she sometimes pats you just a little too hard. I'm sorry: that you haven't been on a walk around the block in weeks, that we used to buy you stuffed animals and time you to see how long it would take to destroy them -- now stuffed animals are off limits, that the guest bedroom used to be "Callie's Room" and now you're not allowed on the new daybed, that she uses that high, squeaky voice when she talks to you -- it hurts my ears, too.

Thank you for being so gentle with her. Thank you for letting her tug and pull and pat and hug. Thank you for being excited to see me when I get home -- but thanks for letting Sophie get "first hugs" anyway.

There's a new animal joining the pack soon. Please don't eat him.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Vocabulary

In the parking lot at Sophie's pre-school yesterday, she bent over to look at a little grey blob of something.

Sophie: Is that candy?!?
Me: I think it's just a rock.
Sophie: Actually, I think it's candy.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Belly Shots

Happy Mother's Day! We're at 34 1/2 weeks and counting...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Laney and Sophie...through the years

It's amazing how you can look back at younger pictures and see all the features and expressions you love in your kid's face. But you can't go the other way and project what they'll look like.

Laney and Sophie last week:

Laney and Sophie last summer:

Laney and Sophie, "back in the day:"

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Last Saturday we drove down to the Barsana Dham Hindu temple for their Mela Fest -- a traditional Indian festival with dancing, music, Indian food, jugglers, a petting zoo, bouncy castles, and tons of wildflowers. The temple looms over the Central Texas hill country and is painted white and gold. When we pulled up, Sophie shouted, "It's my capitol!" (She has a book that shows pictures of the state capitol and always gets very excited when we drive by the real deal.)

Sophie is shy around people sometimes -- at least for the first few minutes. She is NEVER shy around animals, and really loved feeding the camel at the petting zoo.

And who can resist a baby goat?!?

Our little Saint Francis, lover of animals: (Sorry, Hindu friends...I don't know which god/goddess is the patron of animals, but I know a little about good ol' St. Frank after hot-gluing a stuffed bird to a choir robe for Frank one Halloween.)

Sophie loved watching the dancers, too. She goes to dance class at school on Tuesdays. When we ask her what she learns in dance, she always says, "I learn to shake it, shake, shake it." Hmmm...could be good for a part-time college job...

Sophie tries out her new dance moves in a field of flowers:

And after the festival, we headed over to the Salt Lick for some barbeque and beer with friends. Don't tell the Hindus... it really is such a strange irony to build a Hindu temple across from one of the most famous bbq joints in Texas. We couldn't help ourselves.