Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tea and Jam

The tea party was with Momma and Albert Cowmoo and Baby So-so (not pictured -- she's the baby that looks kind of like Sophie...she's "so-so Sophie."

The jam session was with our Laney friend. (The video quality is pretty low on this one because I had to brighten it up...just think of it as a bootlegged recording from a smoky bar and you won't mind the low quality so much.) I'm particularly fond of Laney's head-banging skills. The future girlband also wrote a song about applesauce (complete with harmonies), but I didn't capture it in its entirety and they've asked that it not be broadcast until we can tweak it in post-production.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Play With Your Food

One piggie tail went to market; one piggie tail stayed home. One funny kid sang a song about her brussel sprout turning into a bunny. We call this one: Sing for Your Supper!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Creative Math

Sophie has been able to count to ten for a while now. Yesterday she took a few steps towards twenty.

Sophie: ten...eleven...twelve...thirteen...(long pause)
Frank: What comes next? What comes after thirteen?
Sophie: Um. Yellow?

Did I mention that both of her parents are English teachers?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Myrtle Beach Fun

We explored a pier after a seafood dinner in Murrel's Inlet:

Here's our little family (stretched-out arm pose):

Sophie's reaction to the Japanese Steakhouse show ("It's interesting, but not good enough to put down my soup spoon."):

Running through a field at Broadway on the Beach (where she tasted fudge, saltwater taffy, an Icee, and yes...built an animal at THE build-a-bear workshop). Here, we're trying to run off some of her sugar high:

Beach Bums Again!

I've been a little behind on posting because we've been driving across the country to South Carolina. I was a bit nervous about the 24 hours we'd be in the car, but my brother's portable DVD player and a little friend named Elmo came to the rescue whenever the whining started.

Now we're in a giant beachhouse with the entire Webster family -- Sophie gets to play with her six cousins all week and love on Granddad and Mamaw! The cousins dug a hole in the sand that Sophie then proclaimed as her personal wading pool:

Wallowing like a rhino in the mud:

She tried a few dives (really!) but the cannon balls were more successful:

Here are six of the seven grandkids:

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

We want to go swimming. We want to ride bikes to the park and then swing, swing, swing. Every now and then, we want to go to the wildflower center or to the farmy marky. It's summer and we live in Texas!!! Sheesh. But if we can't beat you, rain, I guess we'll join you.

Sophie's First Snip

I've been putting off a haircut for the girl because:
1) I want Sophie's pretty blonde hair to grow out and look natural and
2) it hasn't really grown out very long, so why cut it yet? and
3) there is some weird Samson mystique to toddler hair. Like...God created this little being and he thought she would look great with muppet bangs, so why mess with his vision?

But that's precisely why I finally broke down and took Sophie for her first haircut. It was messing with her vision. And it wasn't really a cut...just a snip. In fact, I think the stylist was annoyed with me for wasting her time. And apparently "wispy" is not a term widely used in kiddie salons.

Oh, and to document history correctly -- it was technically my sister-in-law Claudia who gave Sophie her first haircut. But that was a three second "wispy bang" trim (Claudia gets me) and was over before we had time to whip out the camera. So we have documentation this time.

The BEFORE shot:

The salon, complete with trainsets, toys, fun barber chairs, and Elmo rather than the standard stylist gossip:

And the AFTER shot, with ever-so-slightly shorter piggies and just a dusting of bangs:

Monday, July 2, 2007


Well, we took our first "sans Sophie" vacation this summer -- just a three night jaunt to Playa del Carmen, Mexico -- but it was only the second time I had ever spent the night away from Sophie and the first time that we had BOTH left her overnight. She did great, of course. Nini stayed with her at our house for two nights and then she spent the night with Laneyfriend on Saturday. All reports indicate that she hardly noticed we were gone, but I have noticed an increase in long, fierce hugs since we've returned.

Our photos from Meheeeco aren't that great because we spent most of our time relaxing and saying, "'s naptime and we don't have to leave the beach and go inside!" or "Hey, it's 10 o'clock at night and we're eating dinner out!" But there was a little bit of documentation. You can see it if you go to or click on PLAYA PICS. We don't have any pictures of our two favorite adventures -- swimming in an underground river and snorkeling for hours. It was so peaceful.

We also spent a few hours away from our hotel pool (and bar), shopping in Playa del Carmen for Sophie souvenirs. We brought back marionettes, flutes, wooden bobble-head animals, a doll, and a pretty dress. See below: