Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pageant Babies

At our Christmas Eve church service, kids dress up as any nativity character (or animal) that strikes their fancy -- some years we have three Mary's and nine Joseph's and thirteen wise guys. You know, whoever shows up. And at the end, all of the babies get plopped on the stage, too. Sophie was an angel for the third year in a row. Jameson was a shepherd (but Sophie and Laney herded him in and out of the manger). The Stephenses joined us and I wish I had pictures from the church -- Laney was a gorgeous pink and purple fairy angel. Jameson said UH-OH! really loudly when his headpiece fell off. Sophie smashed it back on his head, he pulled off, she put it back, he pulled it off, then a wise man shushed them. It was AWESOME. I took a few pics when we got home:

Friday, December 18, 2009


This is what happens when you stay up past your bedtime (drinking cocoa and looking at Christmas lights with Brian Uncle and Kavita Auntie). When we got home, I told Sophie to go pick out some books and wait for me in her room while I put Jameson to bed. When I went in to read to her, she was already crashed out in the rocking chair.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Walking on the Wild Side

We're reading short stories from a Christmas book each night this month. We've been reading three of them each night, but last night one of the stories was really, really short. I asked Sophie, "Do you want to read one more?"

Her response, "Do you think we can handle it?"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Status Update

You know the not-so-great thing about Facebook? I post quick snippets of our lives on FB and then just send them out in a little binary data packet -- never to be revisited. And because I put something out there, because I had my Doogie Howser reflective moment with my computer screen, I don't necessarily pop over here to the blog to update. But it occurred to me today that this blog IS my baby book, our story of life-as-we-know-it when our kids are so little and changing every time I blink. This is the record I check when someone asks me when Sophie first had teeth. And when Jameson finally utters a sentence, I will capture it here.

So, sorry I've been neglecting you, Blog. Here's a status update on the kiddos:

SOPHIE IS more challenging than ever, and funnier than ever. She can be a total turkey lip (whining, stomping, manipulating her way around the house), but she still loves to cuddle and she says stuff every day that makes me laugh. If you ask her how old she is, she'll say "four and one quarter," her favorite food right now is edamame, she prefers "twirl up" dresses to pants, we have started reading chapter books at night and she really listens (even with no pictures!) and can repeat the detailed story to someone else, and her favorite play, movie, book, and CD are all Annie. She wants nothing more than to be an orphan. For record-keeping purposes, I will note that she still wets the bed at night, unless I wake her up at midnight. When she does make it through the night, she demands two jellybeans: one pink one and one green one.

JAMESON IS a man of few words. The typical word count for an 18 month old is 10-20 words. He says:
JJ (when he looks in the mirror)
Bah (ball)
Bah-bah (bottle)
Mi (milk)
Ruff ruff (dog)

He's got about ten days to learn at least 3-13 more words before his 18 month milestone. He said "light" a long, long time ago (his first intelligible and totally parroted word), but he doesn't say it now. He has said Uh-oh a few times, but not consistently. He understands EVERYTHING, though. If I tell him, "Carry your plate to the kitchen, put this wrapper in the trash, and then go into the bathroom for your bath," he can follow ALL of those instructions. When we look at books and I say, "Point to the dog, point to the giraffe, point to whatever...he knows all of them. He waves bye-bye, he makes smacking kissy noises when he's saying night-night to Sophie, he says "Awwww" after we kiss. He has 12 teeth, a head full of wispy Linus-like hair, and a cowlick that makes everyone laugh. He loves the bath and banging anything hard against anything loud. He is a bit of a bruiser, smacking his sister to hear her squeal, then immediately leaning against her for hugs and kisses when we tell him "Say sorry!" His favorite food is fruit, especially berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. He can open the fridge, pull open the crisper, find the berries, hand them to you, then run to his high chair.

He is a BOY. He grabs our pole light and shakes it. He bangs the strings on Frank's guitars like a little punk rocker. He likes to play in toilets, and on three different occasions I have interrupted a game we call, "Chunk the glass jars of spices onto the hard tile floor." It took me 45 minutes to write this post because 1) It got too quiet so I went to find him...he was unloading knives from the dishwasher, and 2) He stole two potatoes from our tater bin and was running with them through the living room, then he crashed and bonked his head on the corner of a hutch. That said, anyone who spends any amount of time with Jameson says, "He's really laid back, isn't he?" Yeah, actually. He really is laid back. In a lumbering, crashing, cackling bruiser-boy kind of way.

And the rest of us? Oh, Frank, Callie and I are just fine. Trying to take it all in, and write a little bit down every now and then so we can pour over these sweet memories when the kids turn into teenagers and we're ready to sell them to the circus.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pumpkin Bash

A few of our favorite Halloween moments, including Sophie's school party, the neighborhood Halloween picnic, and the traditional (SO MUCH FUN!) Lamer/Tamer Pumpkin Bash with all our Ditchdirt breeder friends.

(Click on the photo or on this link: HALLOWEEN 2009)

The World According to Sophie

A couple of conversations I've had with Sophie lately...(I posted these on Facebook, but I wanted to be able to go back and re-read these later. Four year old's are brilliant, I think. And really funny.)

1) Eating Thai noodles together...
Sophie: These noodles look like worms.
Me: Sophie, don't talk about that at the table.
Sophie: Why? It will make the noodles upset?

2) A Science Joke
Sophie: What makes salt?
Me: Um...the ocean. Actually, I know this! It's a compound of two elements: sodium chloride. Can you say that? Sophie: sodium chloride (a few seconds pass) Sophie: Mom, do you know what salt makes? Me: No, what? Sophie: Salt makes edamame taste good!

3) More About Salt (another hypothesis, a couple of days later)
: Do you know why the ocean is salty?
Me: Does it have something to do with edamame?
Sophie: No.
Me: Okay...I think it's because of salt deposits in the water.
Sophie: Actually, no. It's because the whales suck up all the water and then spit it back out again. And it's salty inside a whale's tummy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Into the Woods

Well, it had to be attempted. Frank and Sophie would camp again in a heartbeat. Jameson had a middle-of-the-night, cold-as-an-icesickle seizure-esque moment during which I know he doubted our parenting skills. I have flashbacks to changing a nasty diaper on the floor of the tent, trying to rationalize with a toddler about why he cannot leap into the campfire, and I retain a slight scent of smokiness in my hair. The final verdict? It was actually really fun -- we had a great time with good friends -- I'd do it again. Red wine would have helped a bit.

Click here to see the pictures of Sophie, Jameson, Eva, and Ellis: CAMPOUT PICS

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The State of Health Care

Tonight, Sophie was playing in our little breakfast room and I got invited into her imaginary world for a moment.

Sophie: And what is your name, sweetie?
Me: Mrs. Lollycolly.
Sophie: Okay, Pollypolly...and what do you need today, honey?
Me: Um...I don't know. What are we playing? (If it's restaurant, I typically ask for eggplant parmesan. If we're playing airplane, I definitely want more peanuts, honey roasted, please. If it's school...well, I don't wanna play that one. I'm thinking of dropping out.)
Sophie: I'll fix your nose, Mrs. Cauliflower. Bing! You're fixed!

And then she started "typing" into the cash register. And then she demanded money from me. Ten dollars.

Turns out we were playing doctor's office. Or, more accurately, billing department. That's okay -- I prefer her copay and the bedside manner was quite nice, too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Belated Birthday Post

There are good and bad things about being born on August 19th.

The PRO's: great (albeit hot) weather for outdoor parties; no obligation to invite every kid in the class, especially since class has just started and your mom doesn't have everyone's address yet; no other holiday in the month of August -- so you don't have to share your day

The CON's: if your parents are teachers, Aug. 19 falls in the middle of a very hectic beginning-of-school week; you'll always be the youngest kid in the class; you don't get the full birthday hooplah at school because the teachers are still figuring out what the plan is for the new year (and your mom is a rule-follower, so you get to bring birthday watermelon even though October kids' moms bring cupcakes); it takes your mom almost TWO M
ONTHS to post the pictures from the party!

But one more PRO: Because your parents feel slightly guilty about making you postpone your party for a week, you get to have a special adventure on your real birthday, and then a big party 10 days later!

Click on the photo (or this link: BIRTHDAY BASH) to see the party pics!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Scott Saga

So, we bought Sophie a fishtank for her birthday. She got to go to Petsmart to pick out her fish, and while I tried to point her in the direction of this $5.99 puffy-looking fish, she was particularly drawn to the 27 cent variety goldfish. And she had her eye on a CERTAIN goldfish, which the nice Petsmart employee dutifully caught for her. As soon as he was plopped into the bag, Sophie named him SCOTT. Petsmart Guy lifted the bag and looked at the...I dunno...fishy parts, and told her that it was a girl. She said, "That's okay, his name can be Mrs. Scott." And we took him (her) home. And we loved him/her very much. About three weeks later, he (perhaps she) died.

Hello, my name is Scott. Mrs. Scott. And I am dead...caught in an endless sidestroke beneath my crappy filter that was not strong enough to siphon out my bacteria but seems to enjoy the deathsuck it has on me now.

Not ready to launch into the Circle of Life lecture, Frank and I negotiated the details of the great fish-switch caper, and I returned to Petsmart to search out a Scott look-alike while Frank cleaned out Scott's tank (Scott, of course, was "napping" in the cup waiting for his water to be clean.) And Scott 2.0 became a beloved member of our family. By the way, I asked the Petsmart Girl if the new Scott was male or female (just out of curiosity) and she told me it was very difficult to tell. I agreed, and I did not tell her that Petsmart Guy was a far superior ichthyologist.

Scott 2.0

On Thursday, Scott 2 started swimming diagonally, which seemed like a bad sign to me. By Friday, Scott was skimming the surface, and we decided to tell Sophie that he was dead so that we could get a heartier fish without having to concoct some bizarre story about how Scott had changed color and shape overnight. Apparently, 27 cent goldfish are just not meant to live very long, AND they are very dirty little fish.

Sophie took the news well. I talked about how fish don't live very long, and then told her that Scott had died. Her response: ALREADY??? (If only you knew, Soph....)

We performed the traditional toilet "burial at sea," and she seemed pretty strong about it all. She said a little prayer for him, and told him he had been a good fish. A few minutes later, she asked, "Are we going to die?" Ugh. Why, oh, why did I buy her a stupid fish instead of a Barbie castle or something that would last forever?!? So we had a long talk about how people do die, but they live a lot longer than fish. And when we die, we go to this place called Heaven (and she chimed in with information about God and Jesus, thank you very much Sunday School). We volleyed paradise back and forth -- Sophie prophesies rainbows and purple butterflies everywhere, and she could be right. I told her that the best thing about heaven is that you meet up with everyone you loved on earth, so she would see Scott again, and Gary the Cat (who died before she was two but with whom she is obsessed), and her Nana Jane, and the grandmother she never met. And then, in true Sophie style, she delivered the punchline of our morning mourning.

"But we won't see Scott. Because he is in TOILET HEAVEN." And then she cracked up.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Always Suspected

Driving all the rugrats to school yesterday, I glanced over at the pile-o-crap on the passenger seat and said, "Oh, shoot!"

Sophie: What's wrong?
Me: I forgot MY lunch. I see the puppy-dog lunch box and the kitty-cat lunch box, but I don't see Momma's lunch.
Sophie: That's okay. You don't matter.

(But just in case you think she is a heartless little four-year-old, I think she meant "It doesn't matter." Because she followed it up with, "Just get a plate and walk around to all your friends and ask them to give you something from their lunch. You do have friends at work, don't you?" Okay...she might be a little bit heartless.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Your Royal Highness

When Frank picks up Sophie from school each day, part of the routine is to go potty before she's in the car and they're on the drive home or running errands or whatever. Yesterday, Frank had to "go" too, so he went into the bathroom with her at school and closed and locked the door.

Frank: You don't lock the door when friends are coming in to go potty, but when a mom or dad comes in here to go potty, it's okay to lock the door.
Sophie: Why? Because you don't want them to see your hiness? *
Frank: Um, yeah. What's a hiness, Sophie?
Sophie: You's your girl parts!

* The author is unsure how to spell this word that sounds like "highness" but may be a contraction of the words hiney and penis. All the author knows, for sure, is that she intends to call Frank "Your Highness" often. If I can stop laughing.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fish tale

I was shoving stuffed animals in the closet tonight while Sophie got ready for bed, so I overheard the bedtime story she told to Scott. Her fish. It was a really creative tale about Lava-girl. I stepped out to throw some laundry in the machine and came back in for the tale tail end -- Sophie telling her pet: Good one, huh, Scott?

How I love that girl.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Naming of Fish

Sophie got a fish yesterday. To put in the aquarium that she got for her birthday. She named the fish "Scott." When the fish guy at Petsmart told her it was a girl, she said, "That's okay. His name is Mrs. Scott."

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School!

It was a big day in the Webster household. Frank and I had to report to duty for titillating sessions on tardiness versus truancy, calibration of short-skirtedness -- oh my, a thigh! -- and how to deal with said insubordination, the "love your students but don't LOVE your students" speech, and other such standards -- all accompanied by awesome powerpoint presentations. Handbooks and dirty looks were passed out to the teachers for immediate use in the classroom. Frank created bingo cards for his colleagues featuring acronyms of the trade: IFL, IPG, TEA, TEKS, IEP, ARD, PLC, TAKS, PBS, CAC, CIP and eveything else that helps us teachers take care of TCB. How many can you identify, dear reader?

The kiddos had a big day, too. Thankfully, they are both returning to the same classrooms and teachers they had last year, but we did have a new wake-up time, new clothes, and new lunchboxes. And new attitude -- have we mentioned that?

"Mister J," as his teacher calls him, slept on a mat. On the floor. With the big kids. Well, he slept during his morning naptime. Apparently he flirted with the staff during afternoon nap and played peekaboo instead of sleeping. When I went to pick him up from school, he was flopping around the floor like a grumpus and Miss Lillian told me he was "having himself a drop down." I love her.

Here's Jameson on his first day of toddler class, 2009:

Sophie has been super excited about school and went with me to pick out some new clothes and new shoes. Today she reported that her new shoes were too tight. (Bullcrap, and you're wearing them.) Yesterday she loved her new skirt. This morning she hated it. She proclaimed it "disgusting." I made her wear it anyway.
Poor little bowlegged baby.

She did seem to like her new lunchbox. Score one measly point for mom.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Nights

Sophie wanted to help make dinner, so we made a pizza and decorated it with veggies and such. "Frank" got a little bit over-cooked, but was still yummy. Broccoli-headed clown came out a bit better.

Dance party for dessert:

Don't judge him for his tutu. J-man also plays with soccer balls and matchbox cars. (And he really likes the way Strawberry Shortcake smells, but who doesn't?!?)

Well, I'M looking at the camera!

And if I look cute, the picture gets posted, people.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not Really a Baby J

We've been visiting Baby Will this week -- who is tiny and sleepy and beautiful and snorty and wonderful -- and when I see this tiny baby sitting next to MY tiny baby, well, Jameson looks like a giant pretending to be a baby. I've also been watching "Baby" Bennett, who is about four months older than her cousin, and she has this huge vocabulary and does all of these amazing things (she knows what the animals say and she can point to and name family members in photographs!). And it's occuring to me that Jameson is changing faster and faster and faster. He's still my baby, but he's not really...a baby.

Here are a few things I want to remember about "Baby J" when he was 13 and a 1/2 months old:

He says "mama," "dada," "dadoo" (with thank you infection and context), "light," and...he JUST started saying "tickle, tickle, tickle."

He nods his head. All the time. Yes, yes, yes.

He does NOT put up with diaper changes. Squirms around and escapes almost every time.

He puts his head on my shoulder when I lift him out of his crib in the morning.

He kisses me with a wide-mouth-frog-style open mouth.

He cracks up when I sing the roll 'em up, roll 'em up part of Pattycake; he also cracks up whenever his sister makes funny faces at him.

He walks (sometimes at a fast lumbering pace) any where he wants to go, but he's not a fan of shoes. He shakes his feet when we put them on, like a dog wearing sneakers.

He is VERY ticklish. Especially the ticky-tocks.

He has the best smile. I hope he keeps on smiling.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miss Sophie Goes to Washington

We had some pretty amazing adventures on our trip to see the cousins! The first few days were spent at Aunt Laura and Uncle Hazen's new river house on the Potomac. Sophie rode on an airplane (pulled her own luggage through the airport, too!), rode on a boat, went fishing with Granddad, saw dolphins swimming in the Potomac, caught and ate some crabs, picked buckets full of blackberries and raspberries, swam in a hot tub, and followed Max around for days. (Thanks, Max.) When we drove back into Washington D.C. so I could go to a conference, Sophie, Jameson and Frank stayed at Aunt Laura's everyday house. She played with a new friend, Sawyer, played "Pretty, pretty Princess" with Cousin Madeline, explored Old Town, met panda bears and orangutans at the zoo, rode on the metro, visited the Smithsonian and went bonkers over the ruby slippers, caught fireflies in a jar with Carson and Lucy (kids of my dear friend from high school, Lisa!), explored the gardens at Max's school, threw the frisbee for Daisy dog, and basically had the time of her life.

Jameson had fun, too -- he traded chew toys with Daisy and got lots of hugs and kisses from Granddad and Mamaw and the rest of the fam.

To see all the great pictures Frank took of the trip, please click here: WASHINGTON D.C. PICTURES

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why We're Not Vegetarians

We tried a new place for lunch today -- Bonzai on Lamar. Ate bento boxes and drank bubble tea and shared a couple of sushi rolls. Sophie found something interesting in her miso soup.

Sophie: Oh! There's some cheese in here!
Me: That's called tofu. Try it, it's good.
She slurps for a while.
Sophie: Hey! I found some more toe-cheese in here!

And, sidenote, I had a little epiphany about globalization and the experiences our kids have that we did not. Frank and I talked about how we NEVER ate anything all that international growing up. The Websters do love the Japanese Steakhouse, but that's not exactly Japanese, is it? Sophie eats sushi and tabouli and edamame and hummus on a fairly regular basis. I remember taking my mom to this Greek food place a few years ago, and she proclaimed it interesting. Until she said that, it hadn't even occurred to me that I was taking her out of her comfort zone. This generation's comfort zone casts a wider net, I think. Interesting.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

He might have punk tendencies


If you need some dance moves to chase away the heat wave, Sophie has worked up a routine. This was shot on that ONE DAY a couple of weeks ago that we had rain in Austin. It lasted for ten minutes. Remember? And if you're not an Austinite relishing in the sounds of rain, just focus in on Frank's undies with the red heart pattern. Cracks me up every time.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Farm Life

We took a quick trip to the farm a couple of weeks ago. Sorry it took so long to post the pictures, Papa Joel -- I know you've been anxiously awaiting them. Check out our pictures -- I think Sophie looks so old in some of them. Not like a three year old (or even a four year old). Kind of a glimpse of eight-year-old Sophie, I think.
Click here: WEATHERFORD FARM and then click on the individual pics to see captions.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Year Old Stats

Mister J went to the Doc today.

31" tall = 90th percentile
25.2 lbs = 80th percentile

Three shots, fewer than three seconds of crying.

He was pronounced happy and healthy. And brilliant. And compassionate. And handsome. And loving. And interesting. And interested. And willing. And able.

On the standard checklist, we could check off MOST boxes. He can stand assisted (he can stand unassisted, in fact). He can pull himself up to standing. He can say three meaningful words and/or phrases. (I don't know how meaningful "uh-oh" is when it's not used in context, but I'm counting it.) He can pincher grab with his thumb and finger. The only box we could NOT check off was pointing at people and/or objects, but I don't think we've ever asked him to do that. It's not polite, you know. It's not Southern. What if we teach him to say y'all and ma'am and to wave when people let him cut in traffic -- can we substitute those skills?

Dr. Geoff asked how the breastfeeding was going. Sigh. I gave him the "HOA don't allow no chickin in ma yard" line and explained that we had already transitioned to milk. It's (self-imposed) high pressure to be an Austin Mama sometimes. We shop at the farmer's market and expose our children to live music and cook with a heck of a lotta cilantro. We're a long way from gathering or own eggs (damn HOA), drinking goat's milk, and breastfeeding until kindergarten, but I think the kids are going to turn out just fine. Look at his percentiles, people -- already an A/B student. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

And Then He Was One

June 14, 2009
Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Jameson.

Happy Baptism Day.
And, yes, Happy Flag Day, too.

When we realized that Jameson's first birthday was going to fall on a Sunday, we thought it would be a perfect day for another kind of birthday -- his baptism. I had warned the Suganahoes and the Stephenses that I was going to pull them up on stage with us as his Austin family -- the Methodist version of godparents -- and that they would all be touching him during the baptism. Then Pastor Lynn Barton called up the ENTIRE congregation to surround Jameson, and it ended up being this gigantic mob of hands and laughter and Jameson grinning and splashing. Wonderful. Frank and Brent sang "Listen to Our Hearts" -- one of the songs we had during our wedding. Another wonderful moment.
Then we headed home and filled up the balloons, filled up the table with goodies (candy apple licorice, chocolate-covered cherry sour balls, and okra chips were the favorites), filled up the new kiddie pool, and filled up a pitcher with boxed wine and orangina (tinto de verano -- beach sangria) for our party guests. The house was all abuzz for a few hours, then it was just us Websters, all tuckered out.

The Many Faces of Jameson

My beautiful, blue-eyed boy:
Adventurous: Jameson has been motoring around by holding on to walls and coffee tables. Here he is playing with some "big kids" on a playscape bridge.
Anxious: yee-ikes...I'm up pretty high, you guys.
Elated: Woo-hoo! I'm the king of the world!

Coy: No, thank you, miss. I think I'll skip the nap and keep on playing right here.


Slide, slide, slippity slide...

Summer, Here We Come!

The end of the school year was super hectic, as always, so I'm behind on my posting. Sophie had a grand end-of-year celebration at her Montessori school. Her class song was Bob Marley's "Don't Worry About a Thing" and she ended up singing it to my sixty tenth graders when she came as a guest lecturer to Austin High. (Did I mention? Her school ended the week before our school ended? Arrrggghh!)
Here she is with some Primavera pals:

Sophie, Rhea, Arden, and Berkeley

She ran calling Wiiiiilllldddfire!

Gypsy Girl (Rhea's birthday party makeover)

Last Day of School -- with Emilia (from Guacamala)

Taking pictures with her own disposable camera (lots of shoes and grass):
Sophie's Guides: Marianne and Rachel

Annie Get Your Wig

Annie update: Sophie loved the play. There was a real dog on stage. And Molly was the cutest (as always). I thought Sophie would be disappointed that Annie had flat, red hair instead of the traditional curls, but then it occurred to me that Sophie had zero expectations. In the final act, though, Annie came out on stage wearing a curly wig (she was "gussied up" for the adoption party). Sophie asked me if she was wearing a hat. I told her it was curly hair -- Annie was fancy! Sophie whispered in my ear that she was gonna go tell Annie to take that curly hair off, and got down off my lap. I grabbed her in time. She's been singing "Tomorrow" in the bathtub, and every single time it reminds me of the time my Gram took us all to see the Annie movie.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All the World's a Stage

We're about to go see Annie -- Sophie might be a little young for this, but I'm going to give it a try. I was just explaining what a musical is like.

Sophie: Will I be singing and dancing?
Me: Well, no. We'll be in the audience watching. It's like going to a movie but the people up front are real.
Sophie: Is I a real person?
Me: Yes. You're real.
Sophie: Then I'm going to sing, too.

And she probably will. She has actually been to a play before (a high school musical version of High School Musical), and every time a character on stage screamed, Sophie screamed back. She also went to a high school version of the jungle book, and some of my students took her on stage to dance at the end of the play. She has high expectations of being involved.

I'll let you know if she takes the stage by storm.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ditchdirt Beachtrip 2009


Sophie was talking to me about her fumb today. She has a boo-boo.
"Oh, no...does your thumb hurt?"
"No, my fumb."
"Go like this...thhhh" (and I make my tongue do the th thing).
"Thfumb. Thfumb. Thfumb."
"Good, but don't put your teeth on your lip, just put your tongue between your teeth. Th. th. th."
"Thfumb. Thfumb. You say it your way and I'll say it my way."
"That's cool...I was just trying to show you the th sound so you can say things like Thumper and Thunder and Thumbelina and Thistle!"
"And whistle?"
"And pine tree. And piss."

I have no comeback for that one.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Little Garden Gnome

Look what I found in our front yard...