Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pumpkin Bash

A few of our favorite Halloween moments, including Sophie's school party, the neighborhood Halloween picnic, and the traditional (SO MUCH FUN!) Lamer/Tamer Pumpkin Bash with all our Ditchdirt breeder friends.

(Click on the photo or on this link: HALLOWEEN 2009)

The World According to Sophie

A couple of conversations I've had with Sophie lately...(I posted these on Facebook, but I wanted to be able to go back and re-read these later. Four year old's are brilliant, I think. And really funny.)

1) Eating Thai noodles together...
Sophie: These noodles look like worms.
Me: Sophie, don't talk about that at the table.
Sophie: Why? It will make the noodles upset?

2) A Science Joke
Sophie: What makes salt?
Me: Um...the ocean. Actually, I know this! It's a compound of two elements: sodium chloride. Can you say that? Sophie: sodium chloride (a few seconds pass) Sophie: Mom, do you know what salt makes? Me: No, what? Sophie: Salt makes edamame taste good!

3) More About Salt (another hypothesis, a couple of days later)
: Do you know why the ocean is salty?
Me: Does it have something to do with edamame?
Sophie: No.
Me: Okay...I think it's because of salt deposits in the water.
Sophie: Actually, no. It's because the whales suck up all the water and then spit it back out again. And it's salty inside a whale's tummy.