Monday, April 27, 2009

Things She Says

She's babbling in Spanish lately. It goes something like this: Comomos eestos sunsuelos? Mimos buenos? Sometimes she answers you this way when you have just asked her a question. It can be pretty cute or pretty annoying, given the other circumstances of the day. The other day a flustered Frank told her, "Sophie, you're not even saying anything in Spanish!" She put her hands on her hips, glared at him, and hissed, "seis."

Her English vocabulary is flourishing, and it's fun to listen to her progression with grammar. We hear a lot of double presentations with past tense these days: "He waveded at me!" When we try to casually "correct" with a question, "Oh yeah? Spongebob waved at you?" she looks at us like we're senile: "Yes! I just told you that he waveded at me!"

She brings homes little expressions from school, of course. Like, she says "for real life?" instead of "really?" Now that I think about it, for the OTHER use of "really" she typically says "very." We might hear: "I very like ketchup. For real life!" Other things she MUST have picked up from school: "I need my space," "na na na na boo boo," and "doo doo." I really hate the word "doo doo." I prefer poop. As a word, anyway.

She still says "actually" all the time. Ackshly, ackshly, ackshly. Got that one from me.

And what does HE say? Jameson delivers amazing monologues in gobbledygook. We have been able to discern the words, "Light," "mamamamamama," and one very clear "uh oh" right after a crashing noise in the kitchen.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hard-boiled, plastic, and snake

Torrential downpour on Easter morning subsided, and the blazing sun came out in time for our easter egg hunt last weekend. Jameson looked so collegiate in his little sweater vest...I could hardly keep from biting him every time I saw him:

When the "bunny" hid the eggs, he found an Eassssster vissssitor:

I would have screamed my fool head off if a snake wriggled out of the monkey grass right in front of me, but my husband picked him up and gave him a tickle:

Speaking of eggs, here are a couple o' good ones:

Classy Easter shot. Some Websters wrangle snakes; others wrangle babies:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Triple Fiesta Saturday

Two birthday parties and an egg dying party. No naps (for Thing 1, anyway...Thing 2 still naps whenever the car is running so he dozed between events.)

Jameson was super excited to try the slide at Party #1:

Hurry up, Sis! I need a co-pilot!

On to Party #2: bouncy castle and a girl jumping out of a cake. Okay, a Barbie jumping out of a cake.
His hair is fading to blonde, but it does look a little on the RED side, here:

Mother and Child:

On to Party #3: Coloring Easter Eggs at Pie's house. Has Sophie selected the perfect color for a hard-boiled or the perfect shade for the Stephenses' dining room?

This one is called, "Little Girls and Eggs...Big Girls and Beets."


Saturday, April 4, 2009


Quick note for the record. I'm going on a four night field trip starting tomorrow. I know that Sophie is old enough that she does not always need me around (especially if she's got her dad around). And I know that Jameson is too young to remember that I abandoned him for three days and four nights. But I am experiencing an involuntary irrational physiological reaction. Cannot breathe.