Friday, November 28, 2008

Kilroy was here.

Expecting turkey shots? We still gots punkins...

Turkey day has come and gone, and we're just now posting pictures from Halloween. Oh, well. We'll get caught up one of these days. Click on the first pic (or the link below) to jump to our picture pages from Halloween Pumpkin Bash Number 10!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Blinked

When I wasn't looking, my baby turned into a girl. A tall girl. (Pictured with her Papa -- discussing world events.)

I think the long hair really makes her look older. She told me she wanted "flat yours, Momma." I told you guys my stringy hair look was "in." And I love the hand in the pocket...big girls shove their hands in their pockets sometimes...that's how they roll.

My Silly Sophie is still there, under all that hair...
I blinked again, and my Dad is looking more and more like his father, C.D. (I think it's because they shaved off his beard and mustache at the hospital...suddenly I can see his face and I realize that I've seen that face before. And a third blink. My tiny boy with the dandelion hair turned into a roly-poly old man with a comb-over.
I think I'm going to stop blinking in an effort to slow down the spinning of the world.

Couch Taters

Jameson likes football -- to be more accurate, he likes watching football on t.v. Sophie never really watched television when she was a baby. Even if we had it turned on while she was in the room, she lost interest after a few seconds. Jameson LOVES it. He'll even lean over to look past you to see the television. And if football is on? Forget about it...he's totally into the game.

Here he is with his buddy, Jason, watching Sunday night football:

Maybe it's because he's the second child -- the t.v. is on more often because Sophie is watching her (very educational) shows. Or maybe it's because we're just more lax about having the t.v. on this time around. Sigh. Or maybe it's in his DNA -- guys like football. But don't worry...we are limiting his t.v. time. He's only allowed to watch play-off's.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let's get the frog outta here!

The best thing she said this week. She was pretending to be a witch who had to rid our vehicle of a pesky amphibious nuisance, but her inflection was perfect and I laughed long and hard. I plan to use it in multiple and varied scenarios in the future.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Her royal highness, THE PRINCESS, and her faithful sidekick, THE PEA:

You may have heard that the pea is irritating to the princess -- makes her black and blue all over. OUR pea is snuggly and happy, but may be a black-eyed pea before too long if the princess keeps playing "five little monkeys" on the same bed where he is napping.