Friday, February 17, 2012

It starts

I was watching our neighbor, Jaxon, tonight, and ended up taking him over to Kate and Jason's house for popcorn and pizza and video games and all that hoopla. In a "team of friends" that features 3 big girls and 3 little boys, an older boy was a huge hit. Maybe too huge. Here was our conversation on the way home:

Sophie: Laney really, really liked Jaxon! She said she was going to marry him!
Jaxon: I'm not going to marry anyone!
Sophie: She was trying to kiss him!
Me: Really? Did Laney kiss Jaxon?
Jaxon: NO!
Sophie: She just kissed his jacket.
Jaxon: I think that Lucy liked me, too.
Me: Why do you think that? Did Lucy try to kiss you, too?
Jaxon: No, but she was acting like she liked me.
Sophie: How was she acting?
Jaxon: She was giggling. Giggling at everything I said. Like, I could have said "pudding" and she would have giggled.
Jameson: I say pudding and then somebody POOTS and then my eyeballs pop out.

In closing, 3-year-old boys are awesome. Nine-year-old boys are trouble. And our girls are getting boy crazy. Lord help us.