Friday, April 23, 2010

The Leader of the Plaque

This blogging moment brought to you courtesy of: things I should write down so they are documented and I don't forget. Tune in some other time for: cute and sassy things the Webster kids are doing lately.

Sophie took her first trip to the De-ehntiiiiiist! (You have a knack for causing people pain. Oh!) All the child rearing websites recommend the first visit happen sometime after the first few teeth appear. Well, four years is certainly AFTER (I could launch into a pathetic story about missing the deadline for paperwork when she was three and having to wait an entire year to add her on to our policy because teacher insurance is sooo lowbid with so many inane regulations, but...oh, I just did).

Anywho...we finally got her added and I did a zip code search for a dentist that mentioned pediatric or family dental care. When we pulled up to the office, it looked a bit sketch. Lots of bars and gates -- perhaps people have burgled this office searching for good drugs? The waiting room was painted with an ocean mural -- a deep, dark ocean scene that made it a little hard to breathe, actually. Someone had added a wharf or dock or something, but it just looked like a structure about to topple over. The good news -- despite the weird smell and dark green carpet and black pleather waiting room furniture, the office staff and assistants were SUPER nice and efficient and sweet to Sophie and I told myself to stop being so judgmental -- maybe I would LOVE this dentist.

Punchline: Sophie sat very still for her x-rays, which showed three teeeeny tiny "spots" (new word for cavities?) between her molars. They are going to fill them at her next appointment, $200 please. And then they flashed me their straight, white teethy smiles. Sophie now thinks that "going to the dentist" means wearing a heavy vest, getting pictures made, and getting a new toothbrush and a sparkly pencil. I think it means a Target hiatus for Momma. Dumb dentist.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moonrise Over Bluebonnets

In Central Texas, the "babies in bluebonnets" picture carries the same charm (and cheese) of a pumpkin patch. And we couldn't resist. This is a field of bluebonnets where we used to take Callie for a walk (back when we took pictures of our dog) (back when we took our dog for walks). Some combination of weather and rain has resulted in an explosion of our state flower this year. Almost looks like an ocean if you squint your eyes and drink a Lone Star at the same time.

Just before we headed off for home, a gorgeous moon came up over the field. And we all stayed up past our bedtimes to see it.

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